Fly to Wickenby Aerodrome

How to find us by air

EGNW – Wickenby Aerodrome

Latitude: N5319.02
Longitude: W00020.93
Aerodome Elevation: 84ft / 3mb

Licenced T/O runway available:
TORA 03 / 21 – 530 x 18 metres
TORA 15 / 33 – 497 x 18 metres


GA – 1000ft QFE
Microlight – 700ft QFE
All circuits are left hand unless otherwise advised


The original aerodrome is divided by a public road and only the runways to the North of the road can now be used.

Hot Spot HS1. The threshold of 21 is frequently crossed by HGV and private vehicle traffic. 
Pilots must be alert to possible incursion as there is no traffic control.

Military Air Traffic Zones (MATZ). Don’t be intimidated by the cluster of MATZ around Wickenby.  These are not Controlled Airspace, but offer a Penetration service to separate you from military traffic.  Waddington Radar (119.500) is a good place to start. If after two attempts you get no response, make blind calls and proceed through the MATZ. Do NOT enter an ATZ without making contact, even if the MATZ is cold – there may be circuit traffic. NEVER enter RAF Scampton’s Restricted Area R313 without confirming its status.  This protects the Red Arrow’s training airspace.

Aerobatics at Wickenby. Aerobatic training takes place in one of two ‘boxes’ over the airfield.  They stretch from 500 – 4000ft.  To separate training and circuit traffic, A/G Radio will confirm if active. If active NO overhead joins are permitted, the circuit direction may be changed from standard and there may be 500ft height restriction on portions of the circuit

The warehouses on the aerodrome are not to be flown over at any time.

Departing aircraft passing 1500ft aal within the ATZ are requested to contact RAF Waddington ATC on 119.500 MHz.


During Operating Hours Drones must not be used within the ATZ, without specific approval from the Airfield Manager. Outside Operating Hours Drones are prohibited within the airfield boundaries except by advance permission.

More Details

Wickenby A/G: 122.455
Waddington LARS: 119.500
Non-radio PPR – 01673 885000
Airfield mobile – 07435753383

Aerodrome available for aircraft requiring a licenced facility by arrangement only

We have a maintenance facility on site. For details please contact them directly:

OneSky Aviators Ltd – 07955 480488

Partly Cloudy
6:53 am6:51 pm BST
Feels like: 9°C
Wind: 10km/h SSE
Humidity: 97%
Pressure: 1017.27mbar
UV index: 0

Current (7/04/2022) landing fees for all visiting aircraft range from £10 for microlight and SEP types to £20 for twins. Single engine helicopters £10, twin £20.

Please avoid over flying villages to NW, NNE and E of the airfield.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Pooleys Flight Equipment Ltd


The aerobatic ‘box’ is located on the Southern part of the disused WW2 airfield, and South of the boundary road. It stretches from 500ft AAL to 4,000 ft AAL and is promulgated by NOTAM.

When active, there are NO Overhead or Deadside joins, and runway operations are modified:

Runway 21

Right-hand circuit, remain below 500ft on climb out and crosswind legs

Runway 03

Left-hand circuit, remain below 500ft on base and final legs

Runway 15

Left-hand circuit, remain below 500ft on climb out and crosswind legs

Runway 33

Right-hand circuit, remain below 500ft on base and final legs