Events at Wickenby

This is the page to visit if you want to find out what’s planned in future. We host events such as Charity Wing Walking and Advanced Aerobatic Coaching, mostly during the summer months.

Following last years successful mission , Wickenby Aerodrome is back ON OPS in 2024. Commemorating operation Chastise, the Wickenby Dam and Flour Bombing Competition are back for another year.

For those wanting to take part in the event, please download these documents and read them thoroughly. You may print out and complete the application form and bring it with you on the day, but do not email it to us. 

You can now book a take off slot for your mission via the ON OPS PPR link below. Email entries will not be accepted.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for event updates.

For those wanting to fly into the event, but not take part, please PPR via the Contact us section of our website.

PPR is required for ALL visiting aircraft.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Wickenby Aerodrome events team.

Wing Walking

The Wing Walk Company

Future Wing Walking sessions:

Planned 2024 dates are 21st-23rd June, 16th-18th August

You don’t have to super-athletic to take part in the Charity Wing Walking, just a bit adventurous! But, there are some physical constraints – so It’s best to contact the Wing Walk Company direct (these flights are not organised directly by Wickenby Aerodrome).

Please contact The Wing Walk Company if you would like any information or to book.