Events at Wickenby

Commemorative Flour Bombing and Flypast event – 16th May 2023.

Thanks from all of the team at Wickenby (this pic is only a small part of that team) to all our visitors who made this a fantastic event. Absolutely great to see the airfield humming with visiting aircraft to compete and a huge evening crowd to see the BBMF Lancaster.

Thanks, of course, to all our Member volunteers for faultless marshalling and general help!

And, it couldn’t have happened without our courageous Chef, Dieter, and the team of Cafe staff who will all deserve a thorough rest today!

The formidable ‘Wickenby Dam’ remains intact even following the efforts of some 20 aircraft to defeat it! Equipped with fearsome half kilogram flour bombs (which didn’t ‘bounce’), they forced home their attacks against a stern defense.

The winner will receive a bottle of commemorative Bomber Raid Gin for his efforts!

Typical pilot comments were “Fantastic fun” and “Can’t wait to do it again!”

Images courtesy of Clive Sutton – we cheated with the Lancaster pic as it was really at RAF Strubby!

This is the page to visit if you want to find out what’s planned in future. We host events such as Charity Wing Walking and Advanced Aerobatic Coaching, mostly during the summer months.

Annual RAF Wickenby Memorial Ceremony

11th September 2022 – Regretfully, the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II meant the cancellation of the Lancaster flypast from our good friends at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The Air Cadets will, likewise, were unable to march.

Nevertheless, there was a good turnout, for which we are extremely grateful

wickenby stearman

Wing Walking

You don’t have to super-athletic to take part in the Charity Wing Walking, just a bit adventurous! But, there are some physical constraints – so It’s best to contact the Wing Walk Company direct (these flights are not organised directly by Wickenby Aerodrome).

The Wing Walk Company website

The Wing Walk Company

Future Wing Walking sessions:

More for 2023 as soon as plans are released. Thanks to everyone who made these charity events possible!

G-IIRI smoke
Pushing smoke – pulling “G”

Advanced Aerobatic Coaching

We’re very accustomed to hosting Aerobatic Coaching camps at Wickenby, where pilots keen to hone their advanced aerobatic skills can benefit from the advice of some top aerobatic pilots, including Members of the British Aerobatic team.

Next Aerocamp: